Mortgage payments late

LME provides quality legal services, for highly competitive fees below, to clients who are arrears in mortgage payments, including negotiating with mortgagees, hardship applications and stay applications to stop mortgagees seizing property. However, please consider whether you can afford LME’s services when there may be free services available, below. LME recommends you attempt to obtain as many free legal services as you and then, if you still wish to use LME’s services:

All you need to do is provide

  • Your details
  • Details of the bankruptcy
  • Payment details

Free information and advice about bankruptcy

NSW: LawAccess NSW ; Consumer Credit Legal Centre NSW Victoria: Legal Aid Victoria Queensland: Legal Aid Queensland Western Australia: Legal Aid WA ; CCLSWA South Australia: Legal Services Commission Tasmania: Legal Aid Commission ACT: Legal Aid Northern Territory: Legal Aid

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