Individual Bankruptcy

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Stay application

You may require a Stay if a bankruptcy notice has been served on you but you are intending to:

Bankruptcy notice

If you are not planning to set aside the default judgment, or appeal the judgment, or apply for instalments AND the bankruptcy is for judgments or orders of least $5,000 total, which are less than six years old you must pay the money within 21 days, as required by the notice the other person can make you bankrupt.

Useful FREE links

The Consumer Credit Legal Centre is a specialist legal service that may be able to provide you with free intial legal advice ; the Insolvency Trustee Service of Australian (ITSA) website also has useful information ; Law Access NSW provides free legal information and advice.

Tax deduction for legal expenses of recovering income

This page only applies when you disagree that you owe the debt. If you agree you owe the money but can’t afford to pay it, for example, see our page Manage debt. In any case, do not simply ignore a legal letter, court claim or judgment because this is likely to make matters worse.

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