Defending a court claim for a debt

If somebody has made a court claim for a debt against you, it is important to deal with that claim within 28 days or the person may get a default judgment against you. Once that person has a default judgment, they can apply to seize your property and deduct money from your wages, amongst other things. If the document you received states “Judgment” or “Order” at the top see our page Change court decision above. If the document you seems like a letter see our page Reply to legal letter. LME defends cases for clients in court for highly competitive fees, below.

All you need to do is provide

  • Your details
  • The details of the claim against you
  • Payment details

This page If you agree you owe the money but can’t afford to pay it, for example, see our page Manage debt. In any case, do not simply ignore a legal letter, court claim or judgment because this is likely to make matters worse.

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