Debtor has not responded to the claim

If there is no response to a claim 28 days after it was served on the debtor the next step is to Apply for Default Judgment. LME assists clients to apply for default judgments for highly competitive fees, below, from the comfort of their office or home.

All you need to do is provide

  • Your details
  • The details of the claim made
  • Payment details

Please note that even if you are awarded default judgment that does not necessarily mean that you will be able to recover your money. For example, the other person or company may claim bankruptcy or insolvency or you may not be able to locate the other person.

Tax deduction for legal expenses of recovering income

If you are recovering a debt that would form part of your assessable income, such as business income, you can claim a tax deduction for the legal expenses associated to the recovery. Please see our Taxation page.

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