Apprehended Violence Orders

LME provides clients quality legal services in relation to AVOs, whether applicants or defendants. AVO proceedings are not criminal matters, which means that a court only has to be satisfied that an applicant has a reasonable fear of harm. However, a breach of an AVO is a criminal matter and hence if you want assistance with an alleged breach of an AVO please see our Criminal law page. In NSW a police prosecutor will represent applicants in Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders or ADVOs. If you are an applicant who is not represented by a police prosecutor, or a defendant, LME can represent you for an extremely competitive fee below.

All you need to do is provide

  • Your details
  • Details of the AVO
  • Payment details

LME will

  • Review your matter
  • Help you draft the AVO application if you are an applicant
  • Provide you with advice if you wish
  • Appear for you in court if you want
  • Contact you if we need more information

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